FAQ - Poker Softwares and Odds calculation

We have put together a small FAQ since the questions are so many concerning poker softwares.

If you have any other questions, remember that you can always contact us.

What is a Poker Software

Poker softwares are created to give a player the upper hand in an online poker game. By calculating poker statistics and odds you basically get more knowledge about the game then your opponent.

Is it ok to use a Poker statistics software?

Yes, many of the existing pokerrooms even endorse using poker softwares.

Can anyone tell if I use a poker statistics tool?

Sometimes, the poker room might know but since it is ok to use them this is no problem.

Where can I find poker softwares

There is a free trial at PokerOffice, you can play 300 hands with it.

Do the pros use them?

You Betcha, a good poker odds calculator and poker statistics tool is needed to be a great player.

How much does it cost?

If you want PokerOffice and sign up for one of their deals - it's FREE

How do you calculate the odds

Odds calculation isn't really hard. It is basically about how much is in the pot, what cards do you have and what are the chances that you get the card you want compared to how much do you have to bet and what can you win. Read more about this at Poker Odds Explanation.

Do I have to save my hands manually

No, a few of the poker softwares out there demand that you save each hand manually but with the better ones as PokerOffice, this is not needed, all the poekr statistics, the whole hand history and all the odds are saved automaticly..

Getting on top

With a poker statistics calculator you can get on top of your opponents just by having more knowledge. Knowing when to play and when not to play is the biggest advantage you can have in an online poker game.

Review of PokerOffice

If you want a full review of poker office take a look here.